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Welcome to The Cyrus Group

Today’s leaders are challenged to harness the talent of a new generation in a global setting that embraces virtual connections. This requires vision, openness to ideas, competence and dynamic communication skills. Leaders must think critically and appeal to the higher senses of valued employees in order to elicit excellence and encourage innovation. Leaders need to gain more than compliance from associates; they must earn loyalty and commitment in order to retain the best and most relevant talent. Leaders must also portray confidence and presence to garner respect. In a competitive environment that demands results and depends on people, leaders must rise to the challenge.

We are committed to developing power leaders—that is, leaders who are competent in their leadership skills and confident in themselves. Our professional development training is rooted in proven leadership and motivation theory. Our leadership coaching is provided by coaches who are certified by the International Coach Federation. We begin with the belief that you have within you the capacity to be extraordinary. Our personal and empowering approach will bring that forward.

How Leadership Training Benefits You

  • Discover Your Leadership Style and Hidden Barriers
  • Discern Your Leadership Purpose and Clarify Your Vision
  • Project Leadership Presence and Inspire Commitment
  • Learn to Motivate Your Followers
  • Learn to Communicate With Clarity and Authenticity
  • Learn to Get Noticed By Adding Value to the Organization
  • Learn to Embrace Success With Gratitude and Humility

How Leadership Coaching Benefits You

  • Have Empowering Conversations with Your Personal Coach
  • Gain Awareness and Personal Insights About Your Belief System
  • Develop New Thought Patterns That Increase Confidence
  • Learn Behavior Practices That Get Results You Want
  • Clarify Goals and Vision for Your Future
  • Embrace The Power of Personal Wisdom
  • Learn Purposeful and Productive Strategies To Achieve Your Goals
  • Receive Feedback To Inform Your Next Steps


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