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Executive Leadership Coach

Where You Can Grow in Confidence

As your exclusive leadership coach, I will provide you the safe space and private opportunity to comfortably explore your leadership concerns. We will create awareness around the behaviors, thought patterns and interpersonal relationships that influence your ability to lead effectively and to achieve the results you want. In a leadership situation, there is a job to be done and there are people to do it. Your challenge is to have the wherewithal to efficiently manage one and effectively lead the other. You will learn to reach inside yourself and extract the power you already possess to be successful. You will learn to lead with the authenticity, providing purpose and inspiration that will make people want to follow you. With my support, you can purposefully set a path to achieve your goals.

Develop leadership competence in the privacy of your office.

If you do not have time or interest in attending leadership seminars and professional development conferences, you can still grow as a leader. Protect your time by acquiring relevant knowledge when it is convenient for you and by applying best practices to your specific leadership circumstance. You will learn leader skills and behaviors that best support your professional objectives and enhance your relationships with employees.

Increase your confidence through customized leadership coaching.

Together, we will identify, explore and build on your personal strengths and talents. You will learn to recognize habits, language and behaviors that may enhance or sabotage your intentions for success. We will create awareness around thought patterns that influence the way you see yourself and identify the personal narrative that you employ to construct reality in work, life and circumstances. Discover the obstacles that stand in your way and create a definitive path that takes you toward your goals.

Give people a reason to follow you.

Why do people follow you? Are you the expert in your field or do you occupy a high position within the organization? Do people follow you because they have to or do they follow you because they believe in you? There is a big difference. There are exceptional instances when people follow and support you just because of who you are. Exceptional leadership begins with an understanding of oneself. It requires courageous awareness and acknowledgement of how your personal thoughts, habits and behaviors affect those you are leading. In order to build effective teams and instill a sense of unrequited commitment, you must give others a reason to follow you. They must believe in you.

One Phone Call Away

866 722 4627


Why Should I Be Your Personal Leadership Coach?

First, let me share my personal Life Mission Statement: Propel others to their own levels of excellence by listening with the intent to understand, imparting wisdom when it is useful to do so, and empowering the human spirit at every opportunity.

With a personal commitment to leader competence, I present a few other tidbits:

Experience: I have led teams, groups and organizations for more than 25 years. While I rose to very senior positions, more importantly, I led and inspired others to great levels of achievement. I have successfully lead, coached and mentored hundreds of men and women along the way. And yes, I have experienced the pitfalls and joys of influencing others toward a goal or endgame. Leadership is about managing relationships within a given context. Success happens when employees observe something about their leader that inspires commitment (not just compliance) and is worthy of their followership.

Education: Coupling my practical experience is my doctoral education (Public Administration) where I specialized in leadership theory and motivation under the cognizance of Organizational Psychology. I am a graduate of the Extraordinary Leader Course at University of Virginia and Georgetown University’s Executive Leadership Coaching Program. I currently teach courses in leadership at the Naval Academy and excitedly present leadership seminars at professional development conferences, including the Harvard Summer Institute on College Admissions.

Certification: I am certified by the International Coach Federation as an Executive Leadership Coach, having first completed a required course of study at Georgetown University and the minimum 100 hours of coaching practicum. I am also certified in the widely used Hogan Leadership Assessment Inventories.

Commitment: Helping others to succeed in their leadership endeavors is my life’s work. It brings me great joy to help create meaningful outcomes for senior and high-potential leaders by providing leadership coaching and consulting services in a safe, confidential setting.


How Leadership Coaching Works

We begin by identifying your goals for coaching and defining our partnership. We will explore your personality preferences, emotional intelligence and behavioral characteristics that contribute to or deter your success as a leader. We look at what is working, what is missing and what is next. We will co-create a plan for your personal growth and leadership development that both support your goals and that you deem important.

We will discuss an appropriate coaching plan and agree to a minimum commitment to each other since leadership coaching evokes a process that takes place over time. There will also be operational issues that you will also want to address along the way. Our meetings take place in person, over the telephone, or via Skype. We will schedule them in advance for periods lasting one hour. There may be times outside our regularly scheduled meetings when you want to consult by voice or email, and if at all possible, I will accommodate you. Remember, I am one phone call away.

Contact me directly at or call me at 866.722.4627.


Women's Empowerment

Women are extraordinary contributors to today’s executive leadership and workforce. They are graduating college in record numbers and bringing talent, knowledge, and unique skills to the bear. Women are natural fits for the leadership required in the 21st century workforce of creative and adaptive thinkers who are technologically fluent and mobile knowledge brokers.

Our goal is to highlight the strengths and abilities of today’s women, to enhance professional competence and build personal confidence in their natural talents, intellect and gifts. Women are essential to the progression and viability of our national economy. Their leadership styles are valued and understood more and more as we move toward a time where agility, tolerance and empowerment are necessary to motivate a strikingly different workforce.

With this evolution, we know that women still have to make difficult choices about work, partnerships and family life. We encourage our clients to embrace their passion and most authentic selves, whether that is organizing the family operation or leading in the corporate boardroom. We support the power and sheer excellence that results from being true to who we really are meant to be. We help women find resolution and peace in their life and career choices, to balance and prioritize requirements and to proactively establish the necessary support systems to make their choices work. We empower the hearts and minds of women to achieve the extraordinary!