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Leadership Coaching - One Phone Call Away

What is it?

Leadership Coaching is a proven method for increasing leader effectiveness and moving forward by fostering personal insights and new behavior practices that result in personal empowerment and increased productivity. Many times those in charge are left to face challenges alone. A qualified leadership coach provides a safety zone to help the leader learn more about him or herself, identify challenges and develop strengths, skills and behaviors in order to move forward and achieve goals.

What are the benefits?

Have Empowering Conversations with Your Personal Coach
Gain Awareness and Personal Insights About Your Belief System
Develop New Thought Patterns That Increase Confidence
Learn Behavior Practices That Get Results You Want
Clarify Goals and Vision for Your Future
Embrace The Power of Personal Wisdom
Learn Purposeful and Productive Strategies To Achieve Your Goals
Receive Feedback To Inform Your Next Steps

For Individuals leadership coaching focuses on creating awareness of basic beliefs, thought patterns and behaviors that influence personal outcomes. Clients discovers new ways of being that enable them to move forward in the accomplishment of professional objectives.

For Executives leadership coaching supports clients seeking to expand vision, clarify organizational goals, hone personal leadership skills, and develop effective communication strategies for organizational achievement.

For Groups or Teams leadership coaching provides a collaborative and economical way to work on personal goals in a group setting. Members establish interpersonal relationships that foster the exchange of best practices, encouragement and mutual accountability for advancing personal objectives.

What to Expect?

Leadership Coaching typically occurs once or twice each month. It is completely confidential and happens in person, and more often than not, by phone or Skype. Topics of discussion are decided by the client. Coaching will be conducted with intention to help increase client’s self-awareness, discern behavioral and thought patterns that may or may not be contributing to desired outcomes, and to construe alternatives for moving forward. Clients are typically invigorated and more confident after receiving coaching.

Would You Like to Begin?

Contact us at 866-722-4627 to get started on your journey toward your desired outcomes.

We look forward to partnering with you in this journey toward increased confidence and empowerment. You can achieve your desired outcomes.