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Leadership Training

Leadership TrainingLeader Development Series is designed to assist new leaders, supervisors or aspiring leaders in the development of basic leadership skills.

Leading Self includes competencies in self-management, communication, visioning and goal setting, and making meaning of work. Participants undergo personality testing, assess personal beliefs and values, and develop life mission statements. 

Leading Teams is a course designed to enhance team effectiveness and increase productivity. The focus is on teambuilding competencies and requisite leader skills. Participants learn how roles in teams affect outcomes; how individuals effectively unite for a common cause; and what makes winning teams different.

Extraordinary Leaders and Visioning is designed to help leaders develop strategies to effectively lead organizational change.  Participants learn to enroll followers in their vision, using authentic sources of leadership power to achieve extraordinary results.  They discover the impacts of powerful conversations and visioning, team motivation, and potential saboteurs that impact organizational productivity.

Women in Leadership: Learn strategies in organization, communication and practice that will maximize your potential in a leadership role. Experience powerful, personal, and empowering seminars that focus on the unique challenges facing women in leadership.